Riksteatern's Tyst Teater is now looking for looking for an International Sign Specialist to assist the Project Manager Laith Fathulla during five weeks of the two year-long EU-project; International Sign – Connecting Deaf Performing Arts  The project’s aim is to develop the cooperation between theatres in France, Germany, Finland, Norway and Sweden.  Focus will be on the international sign language on stage, audience development, as well as increasing the knowledge of the participating countries theatre organizations. The project will include several workshops in Sweden and in the other project countries, including all of the administration which will be done according to EU regulations.

You will be a part of Riksteatern's Tyst Teater, which means that you will be in a bicultural and bilingual team.

What is important for the role?

Your primary responsibility is to focus on the translation that have been made from national sign language to international sign in the play, as well to ensuring the dramaturgy of each performance. You are required to have experience using International Sign within the culture and arts sector. Workshops are being held in Norway (March 2020), Germany (May 2020), Finland (October 2020), Sweden (November 2020) and France (April 2021) for one week per country.


This position is a short term-contract for the duration of five weeks within the project time frame January 2020-May 2021, one week per country. The communication occurs mainly through e-mails and video chat in prior to workshops. Evening and weekend work occurs. The project covers traveling and accommodation expenses.

For more information please contact Mindy Drapsa, head of Tyst Teater, mindy.drapsa@riksteatern.se

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  • Mindy Drapsa, head of Tyst Teater, mindy.drapsa@riksteatern.se
Publicerat 2019-10-22
Sista ansökningsdag 2019-11-04

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