Rehearsal director Cullberg

Cullberg is one of Sweden's leading touring dance companies with a strong international standing, founded by Birgit Cullberg in 1967. We present choreographers from all over the world and produce high-quality contemporary dance. Cullberg is part of Riksteatern and is based in Botkyrka, but has its own artistic direction, as well as a technical and administrative team.

Cullberg is hiring a rehearsal director for the season 23/24. 

Important for the role/qualifications:

We are seeking someone who has extensive professional experience working within the field of contemporary dance with experimental and process related work. Someone who has a great understanding of the work of a dancer either from their own practice and experience or from leading and working with dancers in choreographic/production processes. You have a deep understanding of artistic methods and choreographic thinking, an ability to lead groups and facilitate good work ethics. You are able to take responsibility, be organised and have good communicative abilities and a flexible way to communicate. You have the ability to come up with new rehearsing methods, approaches, ideas as well as ways to realize them. You are good at developing professional relationships, pay attention to the views and skills of others and give them space in the group in a way that benefits the whole. Ability to communicate in English, both verbally and in writing.

About the job

As a rehearsal director you have the artistic responsibility for the production second to the choreographer. You lead and organize the rehearsals, both in our studios in Hallunda/Stockholm and on tour, with the aim of maintaining the choreographer’s original intentions. As a rehearsal director you have an artistic responsibility for Cullberg’s productions and a delegated artistic responsibility from the choreographer. The job contains administration, meetings, and scheduling next to the work in the studio. 

The rehearsal director has an important role in understanding the choreographers’ intentions within the choreography to maintain the artistic level of the choreography during rehearsals in Hallunda and on tour. You coach the dancers in achieving the artistic quality required. You plan and organize the daily rehearsals at home and on tour. You lead workshops connected to the performances on tour. Teaching classes could also be included in your work tasks. 

Who you work with

You will be working in close collaboration with the whole team at Cullberg and be part of the artistic team lead by the artistic director. The company has 16 dancers and two rehearsal directors. We are currently seeking to fill one rehearsal director position.

You will be working with dancers who have a multifaceted capacity to work with various methods and materials and an ability to move in between these and work with different contexts. The dancers possess strong improvisational skills and different technical dance backgrounds and they all have an important role in the creative work in the studio and in the choreographic processes. 


This full time job is located in Hallunda, approximately 27 kilometres south of Stockholm, 35 minutes by metro from Slussen. We would like you to start on 1st of August (with contract starting in July 2023). The contract runs until June 2024 with a possibility of prolongation. Since we are a touring company, the job includes travelling and work during evenings and weekends.

With respect to this, we are seeking to assemble a company and a supporting staff that is diverse in terms of age, gender, skin color, geographical and cultural background and sexual orientation.

For more information, please contact:

Kristine Slettevold, Artistic director, kristine.slettevold@cullberg.com
Kajsa Åsheim, HR specialist, kajsa.asheim@riksteatern.se
Vincent Van der Plas, dancer and union representative Scen & Film Avdelning 15, vincent.van.der.plas@cullberg.com 

The deadline for applications is March 20th. 

We look forward to hearing from you. Welcome with your application!

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